Hari Bersih Indonesia 2023 will take place on 19 February!

We invite you to join us to raise awareness to the issue of waste and litter, and make Indonesia a cleaner, and even more beautiful country.
Register For enquiries, please contact: admin@indonesiaindahfoundation.org

Join us on Hari Bersih Indonesia 2023 and help us to clean up the streets, rivers, mountains, and oceans of Indonesia!

This year, we invite communities, businesses, schools, and individuals to register a clean-up location and lend your hands to make a difference. You will be helping to raise awareness to the urgent need to reduce the amount of waste we create, and to separate and recycle the waste we do make.

For businesses, communities, and schools, please download the Information Kit for more details on how you can join!

We look forward to welcoming you on Hari Bersih Indonesia 2023!