The Earth Day Hope Wave Indonesia 2020

Wednesday March 4th, 2020News, Press releases

Indonesia Indah Foundation, together with MAN Forum, Sustainable Indonesia and ForNas Rintara Jaya invite children all over Indonesia to participate in The Hope Wave: an online 'demonstration' led by our children with the aim to claim for climate action.

With the recent COVID-19 situation, we have changed our Hope March to the Hope Wave to ensure the safety of our children.

Create your own outputs for this online climate strike, document and post it on your social media channel on Earth Day, 22 April. It could take the form of a poster, drawing, video, song – get creative!

The components of The Hope Wave are:

Your claim

Your pledge

Your action

The activity should be individually or collectively organized by the individuals or parties who commit to its accomplishment. We, Earth Day Indonesia 2020 organizers, do not provide funding but the concept and technical resources for the event development.

Children are the flag of this online campaign. So they should be at the frontline, communicating their message in their own way to make this wave gigantic.


  • Brief the children (according to group age) about the motto of the event: Why are they joining, what are they demanding, and to whom?
  • Encourage them to plan, organize and prepare their own event outputs.
  • Document the entire process, including preparations, and post it on your social media page using the hashtags: #earthdayindonesia2020 #thehopewaveindonesia #climateactionindonesia
  • Tag the organizers: @manforum @iifoundation @sustainableindonesia @rintarajaya


For more information, please contact Ibu Lisa. Email: lisa@indonesiaindahfoundation or Call/WhatsApp: +62 (0) 895 0404 2805

You may download the poster and information pdf below for sharing and use in your school/community.

Click here to download the The Hope Wave information Pdf

Right click the poster below and choose ‘Save image’ to save the Hope March poster.