We empower  Indonesians to become agents of change for the environment

900,000  volunteers
cleaning up Indonesia in 2019!

We have been organizing large-scale cleanups for seven years, uniting schools, communities, corporates, government and NGOs, with one voice. In 2019 we launched Hari Bersih Indonesia, a national clean-up day that took place at 133 locations nationwide.

Over 50,000 students engaged through our program

Our mission is to groom environmentally concerned young leaders of tomorrow. Our Education Program educations students and teachers on environmental sustainability, with a focus on food, energy, water, waste, as well as ocean conservation.


Making Indonesia a cleaner and
even more beautiful country

Indonesia Indah Foundation has a dream of a sustainable, clean and even more beautiful Indonesia, on land and at sea.

We achieve our goals through Education, Awareness, and Conservation programs, whilst also providing disaster relief when required.

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Our goals for 2022

We are on a mission to make everyone an environmentally-concerned change-maker in Indonesia
300,000 Volunteers engaged through Hari Bersih Indonesia
50,000 Students and teachers educated on environmental sustainability through the Saya Pahlawan Lingkungan program
100,000 Mangrove trees planted through A Tree for Life program
50,000 People engaged through our Webinars and Live Streaming Events
"It has been really nice to do something to clean up our over-burdened capital city the last three years. We have to start somewhere, and I am a firm believer in educating our fellow citizens so that they can do their part." Mike Lewis Actor, model, artist
"The best way to advance a sustainable, clean Jakarta is that everybody should become an agent of change. It’s not the responsibility of one person, but everyone’s. Together we can make this happen." Davina Veronica Model, animal rights activist
"When I love someone, I want to take care of them. I live in and love Jakarta. So, I am taking care of it by being part of this loving movement, Hari Bersih Indonesia. Let’s love our country together because when we love it, it will love us back!" Marissa Anita Actress, journalist, MC
"I never thought I would feel so much from doing something so little. Volunteering to clean up the streets in Jakarta has taught me to think about what I consume and what I throw away, and also that I need to start separating my waste at home." Lyana Margareth Volunteer