Square Resources Holding Singapore Pte Ltd Continues to Support Environmental Sustainability Education and Reforestation Projects in Indonesia

Tuesday February 13th, 2024Press releases

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Jakarta, 2 February 2024 – Square Resources Holding Singapore Pte Ltd. has pledged to continue its partnership with Indonesia Indah Foundation to further educate and empower Indonesians in environmental stewardship and reforest coastlines in Central Java.

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, Square Resources Holding Singapore Pte Ltd. has partnered with the Indonesian non-profit organization, Indonesia Indah Foundation (IIF), which works towards making Indonesia more environmentally sustainable through education, awareness, conservation, and disaster relief programs.

Square Resources Holding Singapore Pte Ltd. has been involved in activities organized by IIF since 2019 when the company first started supporting Hari Bersih Indonesia, IIF’s annual national-scale clean-up day to raise awareness of littering and waste problems in Indonesia. Square Resources Holding Singapore Pte Ltd. has committed to continuing to support IIF in its efforts to establish a more sustainable Indonesia in their fifth year of partnership in 2024.

“For the past several years, we have witnessed IIF doing great work in empowering the people in Indonesia to care for the environment, from educating future generations on plastic reduction, waste management and composting, to reforestation and eco-tourism projects, to supporting marginalized communities in times of crisis. IIF empowers on a grassroots level to take preliminary steps towards caring for the environment together,” said Staffan Ever, Managing Director of Square Resources Holding Singapore Pte Ltd. “Throughout the years, we have taken pride in contributing to Indonesia by supporting IIF’s programs. Witnessing their growth and multiplication of impact is a great pleasure.”

Angela Jelita Richardson, environmental activist for over a decade, founded Indonesia Indah Foundation in 2019. Richardson launched IIF with a commitment to educating people in Indonesia on how to become a part of the solution and play an active role in fighting climate change. Richardson is delighted to welcome Square Resources Holding Singapore Pte Ltd. back as the Foundation’s Partner for yet another year.

“We are thrilled that Square Resources Holding will continue to support our work in Indonesia,” Richardson says. “Their support will help us to reach at least 800 primary school learners in the Greater Jakarta region in Q1 with our environmental literacy program ‘Captain Fanplastic’. Moreover, their support will also help us plant an additional 50,000 mangrove trees in our project region of Brebes in Central Java this year, bringing the total reforestation efforts in Brebes to 100,000 trees, protecting coastlines and providing crucial habitat for marine life,” she adds.

Under the conservation program ‘A Tree for Life’, Square Resources Holding’s support is also supporting the local community to bring back tourism to this region by constructing an eco-tourism walkway through the mangrove forest national park. This walkway will support mangrove conservation, the local community, and stimulate the existing ecotourism programs that IIF has instilled in the region in 2023.

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Indonesia Indah Foundation (IIF) is a non-profit organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was established in February 2019. It has a dream of a sustainable, clean and even more beautiful Indonesia, on land and at sea. The foundation reaches its goals through Education, Awareness, and Conservation programs, whilst also providing disaster relief when required.

For more information, please contact: admin@indonesiaindahfoundation.org or visit www.indonesiaindahfoundation.org